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PDS Belt Driven Before.JPG
PDS Belt Driven After.JPG
          AC / DC


  • Motor Service up to 2500 HP

  • Surge & Core Loss Testing

  • Complete Repair, Recondition & Rewind of

    • All AC & DC Motors

    • High Speed Spindle Motors

    • Metric Motors

    • Gear Motors & Gear Reducers

    • Centrifugal and Hollow Shaft Pump Motors and Pump Assemblies

  • Master Distributor and Authorized Repair Center for CM Hoists, accessories, and parts

  • Machining Services

    • Shaft Repair and Fabrication (39” x 20’ capabilities)

    • Milling

    • Metalizing

    • Welding

    • Grinding

    • Boring and Bushing Endbells


  • In Shop & On-Site Balancing

    • Fans

    • Impellers

    • Rotors

    • All Rotating Equipment


  • On-Site vibration testing repair & Alignment

        Servo/ Spindle


  • Emergency Service & Fast Turn Around Time throughout the U.S.A.


  • Complete Repair, Recondition & Rewind of AC & DC Servo & Robotic Motors

  • Feedback Device Repair

    • Encoders

    • Resolvers

    • Tach Generators


  • Electronic Repair

    • Troubleshooting & Testing of PC Boards

    • AC/DC Digital & Analog Drive Repair

    • Temperature Controller & Power Supply Repair


  • Electronic Services 

    • Estimating & Quoting

    • Installation, Setup & Training

    • Electronic Service Technicians on Staff 

    • Pre-Engineered Control Panels for Solid State & Full Voltage Starters & AC/DC Drives

  • All AC single phase and three phase motors are wound using high temperature class H wire and insulation.


  • All of the high efficient motors and inverter duty motors are wound with spike resistant wire.


  • Rewind stators that require form wound coils

    • Old winding material is removed using a controlled burnout oven

    • The stator core is tested for shorted laminations using a core loss tester before the rewind is started 


  • Surge test all of our rewound stators with a Baker Static Motor Analyzer before the windings are coated with varnish

  • DC motor rewinding includes the replacement of defective commutators


  • DC armatures are also wound with class H high temperature spike resistant wire and insulation along with form wound coils when required

 Precision Balancing


  • The shafts of all repaired motors are dynamically balanced to reduce wear on the bearings extending the life on the motor

  • In-plant dynamic balancing and vibration analysis is available for your production equipment

  • Assist in establishing preventive maintenance programs that save you money

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